We are accepting reservations for whole chicken pot kiln and spicy pack!

The X’mas season has arrived again this year!

Baked with Maharaja’s secret spice
We are accepting reservations for whole tandoori chicken ♪
To accompany home parties such as Christmas parties!
The taste is spicy or mild.

You can also enjoy Maharaja cuisine at home with your family.
We have prepared a service pack!
(Common to all Maharaja Group stores)

We are accepting reservations now!
From December 10th to December 31st
* Until business days within the year of each store

In addition, there is also a great lucky bag that you can get 15,000 minutes by purchasing 10,000 minutes of Maharaja gift certificate.
We offer!

2022 lucky bag Tuesday, January 4th to Saturday, January 8th (limited to the first 10 groups)
* Along the New Year’s business days of each store

Please use this as well.